Graphic Design Portfolio : STM Choi 2010

Sealife 2012
Esprit D'air 2012
Japan Underground 2011
Chinese new year 2012
Illustrated birthday card
Xmas card 2012
Deer in snowfall greeting card design
Collaboration with Dan Hoang
Winter Katamari Olympics 2010
Typonatomy for Kids
Dreaming Fisherman.
Sony Music Live Brief
Tetra Pak Live Brief
Baba Yaga
Card Illustration
Bind- Typography
Bind- Female to male crossdressing
Guillow's Balsa plane model manual
Wrapping paper and greeting cards
Bad Eabbit
Now Read This: Typo-no-no's
Autumn Sycamore
Amnesty International
Penguin books
Odd festivals
I'll look into that
Titus Andronicus
Long Live J-Rock 2nd Ed
Bind- Photography
Japan Matsuri London 2011
Esprit D'Air Photoshoot
Esprit D'Air Live Shoot
CSM Pop Up Shop "2060"
CSM Graphic Design Show 2011
Dreams Exhibition London 2010
Dreams Exhibition 2010: Nostalgia
Evolution of Chinese Characters Animation
Frugal Cooking Animation
Typonimation Animation
JRock T-Shirt Print
Apparel Design
Electric Bloom Webzine webdesign
BBC News Redesign
Analogue Digital Clock
Royal Mail Envelopes
Beijing Olympics 2008
Japanese Rock Banner 2011
Japanese Rock Banner 2010
Architecture commission
Lineage II Logo
Rain Typography
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